Il Mare in 3D

Il Mare in 3D



The Madlab will be, together with the offices of the School of Robotics, the place where the objects will be printed and where some of the meetings with the schools will take place. In addition, training courses for NEET are held within Madlab (young people who no longer go to school, do not work or take part in professionalising courses). Costa Crociere Foundation funds the Cooperative Workshop for courses with young NEETs entitled' Collavoriamo', within these courses SdR will hold the training on 3d press and coordinate young people to the design of objects for The Sea in 3D.


Cooperative Society that brings together and organizes a wide range of specialist skills to provide the assistance needed to fully address environmental issues. The members of the cooperative have competence in scientific subjects (biological sciences, natural sciences, geological sciences, agronomy, environmental sciences). The company's instrumental equipment makes it possible to offer support to public and private bodies aimed at enhancing the environment, both in the marine and terrestrial environment. In 2011, it launched the "SaltoNelBlu®" project, which aims to raise awareness of the marine environment through snorkeling.