Il Mare in 3D

Il Mare in 3D

Recycling and cleaning beaches

The project Il Mare in 3D intersects with several past and present projects.

The fishing nets will be retrieved by the mariners of Imperia and Sanremo who, thanks to the GAC project Il Mare delle Alpi, have used some spaces in areas where fishing gears are stored, awaiting their recycling and reuse. The plastic material recovered from the beaches and seabed will be supplied by the Ligure Pesca and Ambiente Observatory, which, since 2015, is carrying out the project "Rotta verso un Mare più Blu" (Road to a Blueer Sea) aimed at raising public awareness on the subject of Marine Litter, through concrete cleaning of beaches and seabed.

The "eco-pinneggiate" of the Sea in 3D are actions organized by associations of snorkelists and divers, in collaboration with RSTA and School of Robotics, aimed at recovering plastic waste from the sea.