Il Mare in 3D

Il Mare in 3D

For the project 'The 3d Sea' we use various tools that you can find at the MadLab in Genoa, a 3D printing centre opened by the Cooperative Il Laboratorio and Scuola di Robotica with the partner of the Festival della Scienza.

Sharebot Q

A3 size printer designed for the realization of large prototypes, addressed to professionals and companies operating in the mechanical and architectural field.  Designed with Filament Deposition (FFF) technology, Sharebot Q incorporates technical, hardware and software improvements from 42.

On all of them, the self-calibration of the X, Y and Z axes, which allows the user to keep the table in a team even after several prints.
The introduction of a magnetic heated glass and no longer heated glass top facilitates the removal of printed objects from their support, even in the case of complex geometries.

The Sharebot Q can print all materials, including TPUs, and allows the use of a two-kg roll. The printing process is simplified thanks to the presence of a double drive system, with motors both on the extruder and near the web.
The Sharebot is the largest printer at the service of the project and we will use it to print large objects such as the buoys that we will realize in the project. 


Filabot systems are perfect for any environment, maker, fab lab or DIY studio and transform plastic pellets into printable 3D filaments. Whether you are able to extrude ABS, PLA or HIPS, Filabot extrusion systems pay off quickly thanks to the savings in 3D printer filament costs.

Filabot systems can create filaments of both diameters of 1.75mm and 3mm at very high speeds from 5 inches/minute up to 30 inches/minute (approx. 13cm and 76cm per minute respectively) depending on the model and type of plastic used. In the time it takes to draw a piece, you can prepare the amount of filament needed to print it in 3D!

This machine serves us to melt the plastic material we are recovering from the sea and schools.


This small grinder we are using it in the early stages of the project to understand how to recycle plastic. 
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Campus Sprint

Small printer that we use for demos in schools and teaching. CampuSprint3D is compact, easy and transportable but above all it is a tool that guarantees maximum safety and quality. This makes it ideal for young professionals and anyone who wants to enter the world of 3D printing. 


Work in progress!