Il Mare in 3D

Il Mare in 3D

Twinned projects

Jump into the blue

Rediscover the sea of western Liguria in its thousand shapes and colours through naturalistic snorkeling and educational initiatives. The biologists and naturalists of the RSTA cooperative in Genoa, in collaboration with the Lega Navale Sez. of Finale Ligure, are available to accompany young and old to discover the wonders of our sea.

Route towards a more blue sea

A recreational-didactic itinerant project on the theme of "marine litter", addressed to tourists, yachtsmen and swimmers involving professionals and Ligurian marinas. The aim is to create a common awareness of the problem of waste abandoned at sea, to facilitate its collection and prevent it from entering the environment through activities aimed at involving as many people as possible, including pupils in Ligurian schools during the school period.

The project also includes the activities of' Cleaning the seabed' and' Cleaned Seabed' which are responsible for the collection of waste present in the bathymetric range between 0 and 50 meters by fishing professionals and divers. The project, supported by Costa Crociere Foundation, is coordinated and carried out by the Ligurian Observatory Environmental Fishing (OLPA) is aimed at all those who love and live the sea and want to help keep it clean!

App The Island

RSTA scrl project and School of Robotics, funded by MedPAN and carried out in collaboration with the marine protected area of Bergeggi, which has allowed to develop an app for smartphones that allows you to learn to know the marine fauna and respect it. Thanks to waterproof covers, snorkeling participants in the Bergeggi marine park can use the app underwater, discover the name of the species, photograph it and write it down in their personal diary. At the end of the dive, participants' smartphones will communicate to the Robotic School servers the data of the fish seen and, in this way, the protected marine area of Bergeggi will be able to monitor crowdsourcing data of its fauna.