Il Mare in 3D

Il Mare in 3D


With the project Il Mare in 3D we want to create useful objects through 3D printing with recovered materials collected during snorkeling activities.

In particular, the project Il Mare in 3D is linked to the SaltoNelBlu project carried out by the cooperative of biologists RSTA in Genoa, which has been promoting, for 5 years, through the sports activity of snorkeling, the knowledge of a particular type of seabed typical of the western shores of Liguria characterized by the protected habitat of precoralligenic seabed, known as "beachrock".

Thanks to this project, useful objects for snorkeling activities will be created, such as hooks to join the mask to the mouthpiece and plastic parts of the fish nets that in some phases of the project, linked to sea bottom cleaning events, will be used to deposit the waste collected.